Costs of Attendance

Costs of Attendance

GW continues to move to stabilize tuition increases and reduce costs. To date, we have made a commitment to keep increases in the overall cost of attendance to within three percent. That, combined with programs such as GW’s Fixed Tuition, minimal increases in living expenses and a generous student-aid funding commitment worth more than $166 million is part of our efforts to help families meet and plan for expenses.

We are committed to attracting academically qualified students who want to be at GW. Through the University’s innovative fixed-rate tuition plan, students no longer need to be concerned about annual tuition increases. The tuition you pay as an entering student remains fixed for your undergraduate program provided you maintain continuous full-time enrollment and are registered for a minimum of 12 semester hours of study each fall and spring term. Students also have the flexibility of a tuition fixed for up to ten semesters of study should a fifth year be required to achieve their academic goals. There are no additional fees except for a minimal Student Association fee. So, right up front it allows families to know the cost of a GW education, not just for the first year, but through the conclusion of a degree program.

Academic Year  - 2014-2015

2015-2016 academic year costs will be finalized in late February 2015

Tuition* $48,700
Student Association Fee $60
Matriculation Fee** $350
Room and Board*** $11,700
Books and Supplies**** $1,275
Personal**** $1,475
Transportation $1,000

*Tuition: New GW students will pay this fixed tuition rate for up to a total of 10 consecutive semesters as long as the student maintains full-time continuous enrollment. Refer to the University Bulletin for details.

Students enrolled in the Seven-Year B.A./M.D. program have a fixed tuition rate for the first three years of their program.  After the third year, B.A./M.D. students pay the prevailing tuition of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences for medical students.  

**Matriculation Fee: One-time only fee for freshmen and transfer students.

***Room and Board: Room reflects an estimated cost of $8,100, with freshman housing ranging from $7,790 to $10,050.  (Transfer housing ranges from $7,790 to $14,240.)  Board reflects an estimated minimum freshman Colonial Cash plan for dining of $3,600 for the year. ($1,400 of the Colonial Cash amount, called Campus Dining Dollars, is for use within any of the GW dining venues on the Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon campuses, including J Street in the Marvin Center, Duques Hall, Pelham Commons, and Zebi Cafe). Students may choose to increase this amount to fit their individual dining needs.  

****Books, Supplies, and Personal/Miscellaneous Expenses: Students may expect to pay an average of $1,275 for books and supplies and $1,475 for personal/miscellaneous expenses (laundry, entertainment, etc.) for an average total of $2,725. Many of these expenses can be managed through the Colonial Cash plan.