Seven-Year B.A./M.D.

Seven-Year B.A./M.D. Program

A joint program between GW's Columbian College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, the Seven-Year B.A./M.D. Program is designed for students who have decided to become physicians and want to accomplish that goal in a shorter amount of time than a traditional program of study usually requires.

The perfect candidates for the Seven-Year  B.A./M.D. Program are top students who know, prior to entering college, that they wish to become doctors but also are attracted to the intellectual challenge and enrichment afforded by the liberal arts.

During the first three years of the program, a student must meet all general curriculum requirements and complete a major in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. Progress is reviewed annually by a special faculty committee. The student must maintain a minimum grade of B in courses required for admission to the medical school and an overall 3.6 grade point average. In addition, community service is required each year. The review committee makes a final recommendation concerning promotion to the medical school curriculum at the end of the third year, which is when the bachelor's degree is awarded upon successful completion of degree requirements.

In the fourth year, the student enrolls in the School of Medicine and Health Sciences and begins formal medical training. The integration of preclinical and clinical studies becomes more complete in the fifth year as time is spent with physicians, learning the art and skill of patient interviewing and physical diagnosis. The sixth and seventh years are devoted to developing clinical expertise in the wide variety of hospitals in the Washington metropolitan area, including the state-of-the-art GW Hospital. The M.D. degree is awarded at the end of the seventh year.

Students enrolled in the Seven-Year B.A./M.D. Program pay the undergraduate fixed-rate tuition for the first three years of their program.  After the third year, B.A./M.D. students pay the prevailing tuition of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences for medical students at the time of enrollment in medical school courses.

The deadline for applications to the Seven-Year B.A./M.D. Program is December 1.  Students applying to this program must apply as Regular Decision candidates; due to the timing of the interview process, students are not eligible to apply for Early Decision admission. In addition, SAT/ACT scores and SAT subject examinations in science and mathematics are also required.  U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, and Canadian citizens may be considered for admission to the Seven-Year B.A./M.D. program.