2014 Freshman Class Profile

Freshman Class Profile

Admissions Statistics:

Number of freshman applications: 19,087
Percent offered admission: 44
Freshman class size: 2,415

Test Ranges for Admitted Students:

Mid 50 percent SAT range: 1890-2110
Mid 50 percent ACT range: 28-32
TOEFL range: 97-108

Freshmen Enrolled by College:

Columbian College of Arts and Sciences: 1,209
School of Media and Public Affairs: 74
School of Business: 341
Elliott of International Affairs: 542
School of Engineering and Applied Science: 226
Milken Institute School of Public Health: 23
Corcoran School of the Arts and Design: 35*

*Corcoran School of the Arts and Design joined GW in the summer of 2014; the Corcoran freshman enrollment numbers are not included in GW's fall 2014 freshman application/enrollment numbers


Female/Male ratio: 56.8 percent/43.2 percent
African-American/Black: 5.0 percent
Asian/Pacific Islander: 10.8 percent
Hispanic/Latino: 8.0 percent
Native American: <1 percent
White/Caucasian: 58.6 percent
More than One Ethnicity/Race: 3.7 percent
International: 9.9 percent
Unknown: 3.8 percent

Geographic Distribution:

Number of states represented: 48
Number of countries: 45

Top States for Enrollment:

New Jersey
New York

Type of Secondary  School:

Public: 53.3%
Private: 16.3%
Religous: 13.6%
Other: 16.7%  (includes schools outside of the U.S., charter schools, and homeschools)



Note: Numbers are based on November 2014 enrollment information.