International Admission Credentials by Country

International applicants (both freshman and transfer) are required to provide:

  • Official certificates and records listing subjects studied, marks received, examinations taken and degrees or diplomas earned, from all secondary schools, colleges and universities attended.
  • Official records of state examinations and certificates are also required. These documents must be certified as official by the institution attended and/or the appropriate ministry.

You will find a full list of the international credentials required for admission to GW as well as any advanced standing the University may award. In addition to credentials listed, complete yearly transcripts are required in all educational systems. We understand that countries have different grading scales which we take into consideration when reviewing an applicant’s file.

International Credentials by Country

Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE): AICE certificate showing grades as well as overall level of achievement and points earned. 6-8 credit hours for full AICE credit subjects and 3-4 credit hours for half credit subjects passed with A, B, and C grades

Australia: Senior Secondary Certificate of Education, Year 12 Certificate

Austria: Reifeprufung/Matura or Reifezeugnis

Belgium: Certificate de l'Enseignement Secondaire Superieur or Getuigschrift Van Hoger Secundair Onderwijs (Secondary Education Diploma)

Brazil: Certificado de Conclusao de Secundo Grau

Canada: Ontario: minimum of 6 OAC's; Quebec: 1st or 2nd year of CEGEP; maximum 24 credits awarded for 2nd year CEGEP; other provinces: Secondary School Diploma

Chile: Licencia Secundaria

China & Hong Kong: Senior High School Graduation; HKCEE results and predicted HKAL results

Cyprus: Apolyterion or Lise Bitirme Diplomasi

Denmark: Studentereksamen maximum 24 credits

Egypt: General Secondary Education Certificate

Finland: Ylioppilastutkinto/Matriculation Exam Certificate

France & French-Based Systems: French Baccalaureat, Baccalaureat Part II (where applicable). A minimum mention of assez bien or academic average of 12/20 is required. A Technical Baccalaureat is not acceptable. 6-8 semester hours of credit awarded (up to 24 credits) for subjects which carry a coefficient value of 4 or higher and in which a grade of at least 10 is earned.

Ghana: Senior Secondary Certificate, WASC

Germany: Abitur. maximum 24 credits awarded

Greece: Apolytirio Lykeiou

Iceland: Studentsprof. maximum 24 credits awarded

India: Higher Secondary School Certificate

Indonesia: SMA in Science Stream with minimum average of 7 in academic subjects

International Baccalaureate: IB Transcript. Up to 6-8 credits (to a maximum of 24 credits) for scores of 6 or 7 on higher level exams awarded. Credit is not awarded for English A2 or English B.

Iran: Diplom-Metevaseth (National High School Diploma) with entrance examination scores

Israel: Bagrut

Italy: Diploma di Maturita. maximum 15 credits awarded

Japan: Kotogakko/Secondary School Diploma of Graduation

Jordan: Tawjihi/General Secondary Certificate

Kenya: Kenya Certificate of Education/East African Certificate of Education

Korea: High School Diploma

Latin American Countries: Bachillerato

Malaysia: MCE/SPM

Netherlands: VWO with minimum average of 7 in academic subjects

Nigeria: Senior School Certificate

Norway: Vitnemal Fra Den Videregaende Skolen

Pakistan: Intermediate Certificate, Higher Secondary School Certificate

Peru: Certificado Oficial de Estudios de Educacion Secondaria Commun

Philippines: Preference given for 2 years of work at a recognized university

Russia: Certificate of Complete Secondary General Education

Saudi Arabia: General Secondary Certificate

South Africa: Senior Certificate

Spain: Titulo de Bachiller

Sweden: Avgangsbetyg Fran Gymnasieskola

Switzerland: Federal Maturity Certificate. maximum 24 credits; Cantonal Maturity Certificate awarded

Taiwan: Senior High School Diploma; Graduate from 5- or 6- year junior college may receive 1-2 years of credit

Thailand: Mathayom Suksa 6

Turkey: Lise Diplomasi

United Arab Emirates: Secondary School Leaving Certificate

United Kingdom & British-Based Systems: 7-8 GCSEs (O Levels) with grades of A-C and predicted A Level results in at least 3 subjects. Up to 6-8 credits awarded for A level grades of A-C (up to a maximum of 24 credits); CXCs with grades of 1 or 2