People come to Washington, D.C. for many reasons.

They come to explore the past and to chart new futures. They come to ask questions and to seek expert answers. They come to start discourse and to remember in silence. They come to demand change and to be that change. They come to grow. They come to learn. They come to make history and join the ranks alongside many prominent GW alumni.

Our students come to GW for many of these same reasons. They come for passionate faculty, for diverse student groups, for Division I athletics, for once-in-a-lifetime internships, and for inspiring service opportunities. GW, like many universities, provides all of this.

But our students come for something else, as well.



They don't just want to do a community service project.

They want to meet, and then exceed, a service challenge from the First Lady of the United States.



They don't just want to view slides of art.

They want to debate masterpieces in the galleries of world-class museums or dance on the stages of the Kennedy Center.



They don’t just want to take an engineering course.

They want to conduct research in a stunning core lab facility with faculty who are quite literally shaping the world of tomorrow.






Housed in a city unlike any other, our students gain an education unlike any other. The whole city is our classroom, and our students emerge not just with a diploma, but with experiences that could only happen at GW.






Kate Carpenter





"I am always pushed to be my very best here. I have become the person I've always wanted to be because of this school, and I've had opportunities of a lifetime...this school puts an emphasis on making sure students can transform to who they want to be in their four years at GW."

Kate Carpenter
Class of 2023, Political Communications