Academic FAQs


While our staff can answer your questions in a one-on-one or group setting, here are answers to some of the most common questions we’re asked by prospective GW students.

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General Academics

Can I complete more than one major at GW? If so, what is the percentage of GW students double majoring?

You can certainly double major at GW. Approximately 18 percent of seniors double major at GW, and 30 percent have a minor in a related discipline.

If I want to double major between schools, which school should I list as my primary school?

Choose your top choice school as your primary school. GW students are able to double major across schools, regardless of the school to which they were admitted. As a student, you can work with your academic advisor to explore double-major options.

If I am a student in Corcoran, can I double major?

The Corcoran School of the Arts and Design is considered part of the broader Columbian College of Arts and Sciences at GW. Students who complete the requirements of two majors in the Columbian College (such as mathematics and physics, or history and economics) may graduate with a double major under a specific primary degree (BA, BS, BFA). However, due to the studio-intensive nature of the BFA programs, students will have to work diligently if they are to achieve a double major with another academic concentration. We strongly encourage students to consult with advisors in the two departments of interest before declaring both majors.

Can I switch my major?

Generally, yes. Some programs may have requirements, while others are open. Your academic advisor can help you if you wish to change majors after you enroll.

Students who wish to change to a major within another school may request an internal transfer from the University Registrar. A university-wide graduation requirement is that students must be registered in the college/school in which their primary major is housed. Some schools may require that certain prerequisite courses have been taken and that minimum grades have been earned before the transfer is processed.

How many classes are taught by teaching or graduate assistants?

Graduate assistants may lead break-out or discussion sections at GW, but no graduate assistant relays new information independent of the course’s main instructor.



Special Academic Programs

How do I apply for special academic programs?

You indicate your interest in special academic programs on the Common App. Read more about our Special Interest Programs.

Can I choose to apply to special programs after I submit my application?

No, you must select any special programs you wish to apply to before submitting your application.

What is NROTC, and how does it work at GW?

GW’s Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) adds military training, opportunities, and knowledge to the traditional undergraduate program. The program is comprised of midshipmen and prior-enlisted Sailors and Marines from GW, Catholic University, University of Maryland at College Park, Georgetown University, and Howard University. Learn more information about GW’s NROTC.

Do you have an honors program?

Yes, the GW Honors Program is an interdisciplinary experience that helps students hone their analytical and expressive powers, deepen their understanding of complex issues and broaden their perspectives. Our Honors students are what we like to call “intellectual omnivores” - they understand that you can’t be interested in one thing without being interested in all things. Applicants may choose to apply to the University Honors Program via the Common Application. Learn more at the GW Honors Program website.

Can I reapply to the Honors Program if I’m not selected in my first year?

Current students at GW who wish to apply to the Honors Program must be in the second semester of their first year at GW (rising sophomores). There are no minimum requirements to apply, but there are requirements to remain in the Honors Program.

Does GW offer summer programs for high school students?

Yes, learn about our Pre-College Program for high school students.



Study Abroad 

Do you offer study abroad? (if so where and how many students participate?)

Yes, and more than 50 percent of GW students will study abroad before they graduate. The Office for Study Abroad provides and facilitates international educational opportunities at GW, including over 300 programs in more than 60 countries.



Undergraduate Research

Can I take part in research as an undergraduate? What kind of opportunities are there?

Yes, there are undergraduate research experiences that offer students the chance to learn first-hand, in collaboration with professors, how new knowledge is generated. Some students may also engage in research at their respective internship sites. Learn more about Research at GW, then explore undergraduate fellowships and grants to fund these experiences offered through the Center for Undergraduate Fellowships and Research.



Career Preparation

Are there any internship opportunities available to GW students? If so, what types of internships are available?

Yes, in fact, GW is ranked as the #1 university for internships by The Princeton Review. Students usually seek opportunities that align with their majors, but there are so many industries in Washington D.C. that there’s something for everyone. Recent placements have included: The World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, The Naval Research Laboratory, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, National Public Radio, the White House, ABC News, the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Congress, the French Embassy, the American Psychological Association, and National Geographic. For more information about internship opportunities, please visit Career Services.

Are you able to take an internship for credit?

Yes, it is possible to receive up to 6 credits for internships. The Career Services website has additional information on internships.

Do GW undergrads receive any sort of preference when applying to GW School of Medicine & Health Sciences or GW Law?

Unless GW students have enrolled in an early assurance program, they will not receive preferential treatment in either the GW School of Medicine & Health Sciences or GW Law School admissions process.