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If you are just beginning your college search, this is the spot for you! Our Journey to College offerings are meant to help you prepare for the college exploration and application process.

When (and if) you're ready to learn more about GW, explore the Journey to GW website.

No matter where you are in the process, our office is always here to assist you and your family!


Journey to College - Admissions 101

We believe in the importance of demystifying the college search experience for all high school students. This video series was developed for students in 9th through 11th grades who are looking to learn more about setting themselves up for success, both academically and financially, prior to applying for college. We have also included a video for parents and guardians of high school students who may need a primer (or a refresher!) on various aspects of the college search process.

Please enjoy these pre-recorded programs, and contact our office if you have any questions.



  • Admissions 101: Finding the Right College For You
    Presented by Katilin Crepps and Connor Luong
    This session will help you define what is important to you as you build your list of colleges for consideration. For many students, location, campus culture, class size, and cost all play a part in forming that final list. Hear how to gather accurate information, how to interpret statistics, how to document a “campus vibe” and how to make sense of all the various data points as you research and visit the campuses that most interest you.

Watch "Finding the Right College For You"


  • Admissions 101: The College Application
    Presented by Don Phillips
    You’re taking great classes, and you’ve visited lots of colleges. Next stop: the actual application! Review important information about understanding which colleges use which application platforms, what it means to be test optional, the value of a good personal statement, when to ask for letters of recommendation (and whom to ask for them), and how to present your activities in a way that tells your story of leadership and community engagement.

Watch "The College Application"


  • Financial Aid 101
    Presented by Tony Sutphin, Office of Student Financial Assistance
    Learn all about applying for federal aid with the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA), the CSS Profile, loans, and other ways to finance your education.

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  • Admissions 101: Financing Your College Experience
    Presented by Joshua Lowe
    Financing your college education can be the most daunting part of the college search process. We would like to help demystify some of the tools colleges use to determine financial need, help you accurately calculate the total cost of college attendance, research scholarships that can have a big impact on the bottom line of your expense sheet, and understand the components of a financial aid award containing both federal and institutional aid.

Watch "Financing Your College Experience"

  • Admissions 101: For Parents and Guardians
    Presented by Chris Butler and Carol Conchar
    This installment of Admissions 101 is just for you - parents and guardians who want to be well-informed allies for their college-bound children. We’ll be defining and explaining commonly used terms in the college search and application process, outlining important factors in creating that final list of schools for consideration, suggesting important questions to ask of the professionals in the process (counselors and admissions professionals), and offering tips about when to weigh in and when to let your student take the wheel in this important life process.

Watch "For Parents and Guardians"


Look for more offerings to help you along your journey throughout the year!



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If you want a taste of what GW has to offer its students, check out our virtual tour and on-demand information session. Both options offer an easy way to familiarize yourself with campus before you get too deep in your college search.

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