Transfer Applicants

Transfer Application Deadline Extension

In order to provide students and families with additional time to review financial offers, the transfer application deadline for fall admission has been extended to June 15, 2024.

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Transfer Applicants

GW considers anyone who has graduated from high school and completed at least one college course since high school graduation as a transfer student. We seek transfer applicants who have succeeded academically at another college or university and have motivation to thrive at GW.

We will evaluate your academic background at each institution of higher education previously attended and will consider your high school record and standardized test scores (if applicable), essays, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, and interest in the university.

All prospective transfer students will apply to GW by submitting the Transfer Common Application. Please note that while you or your school can submit certain materials, including your transcript, recommendations, and essay, through the Common Application, GW will also accept documents that are sent via mail and email. (Electronic submission is preferred when possible.)

Each year we welcome transfer students from a wide variety of colleges and universities. This year, will it be you? 


Transfer Credit

We can only provide individual transfer credit evaluations for admitted students. As you consider your journey to GW, you can review historic transfer credits to see what courses MAY transfer over to GW. Equivalencies are not guaranteed, are from one point in time, and may be out of date, thus they should only be used as a guide. Complete the form below to request a guide.

Request Transfer Credit Equivalencies


Transfer Application Deadlines



Application Available

Notification Dates

Spring Admission mid-August - October 1 By Early December
Fall Admission January 15 - April 1*
*Extended to June 15, 2024

Transfer Application Steps 

Submit an Application

Complete and submit the Transfer Common Application online.

This application was built specifically for transfer students. You will complete your personal information, academic history, and supporting information before selecting the program to which you wish to apply (e.g., The George Washington University, Fall 2024). GW's essay is under the Questions tab; applicants must select from one of the two prompts given.

Please note: The application is not complete and we cannot begin the application review until we receive all required forms. Be sure to complete all sections of your application. The application requires a nonrefundable application fee of $80 for students.

Supporting documentation, including transcripts and letters of recommendation, can be submitted electronically via the Common Application, via email to [email protected], or via mail to our office:
     The George Washington University
     Office of Undergraduate Admissions
     800 21st St NW Suite 214
     Washington, D.C. 20052

Please note that electronic submission is preferred and will allow us to complete your application in a timely manner.

Please allow us several weeks from the time the application is submitted to process all documents and post them in the GW Admissions Portal. During the busy application period, the portal is the best resource, as we are continually updating students' applications and documents. You will receive a link to the portal with instructions on how to log in after your application is submitted.

On the Common Application and corresponding documentation, please ensure the applicant’s name is written as it appears on their passport or government identification. If the applicant uses a name that differs from their legal name on official identification, please use the Common Application's Preferred Name field to include their chosen name or nickname. All international applicants must provide a permanent, physical mailing address (that is not a post office box).

Submit a Writing Supplement (optional)

All applicants have the option to submit the GW Supplement as a part of their Common Application.

Transfer Special Programs

If you are applying to any of these special programs, you must submit the required supplemental essay(s) or portfolio and/or schedule an audition. Further information about these programs can be found on our undergraduate admissions website.

  • School of Media and Public Affairs
  • BFA Programs in the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design
Send Official Transcripts

Transfer applicants must submit an official transcript from each college or university you previously attended. If you have less than 30 college credits, you will need to submit high school transcripts. These credentials are required (whether or not credit was earned or is desired) and should be sent directly from the registrar's office to GW's Office of Admissions. Email transcripts must be sent directly from the sender's school email address in order to be considered official.

For international applicants, if your original transcripts are not in English, please submit both the original documents as well as certified English translations.

Send Optional Test Scores

GW is test-optional, meaning students applying for first-year or transfer admission are not required to submit standardized test scores (SAT or ACT). GW  requires SAT/ACT scores from the following groups:

  • Applicants applying to the accelerated Seven-Year B.A./M.D. Program
  • Applicants who were homeschooled
  • Applicants who attended secondary schools that provide only narrative evaluations

Should you submit SAT or ACT scores, please be mindful of GW’s test score codes:

  • SAT Code: 5246
  • ACT Code: 0664

Note, we consider only the critical reading and math sections of the SAT for admission.

Because we take a holistic approach to the application review process, we have no minimum GPA or SAT/ACT requirements for admission. However, admission to GW is competitive; admitted students are typically strong academic students in their high school graduating class.

Once an applicant has indicated their test option on the Transfer Common Application and submitted their application, that option cannot be changed. If an applicant has previously submitted test scores to our office but indicates on the application that they would not like their scores considered, test scores will not be viewed during application review. Please note that following the release of our admissions decisions, we will ask admitted students to submit test scores for research purposes.

Submit a Faculty Recommendation

GW requires one academic recommendation through the Recommendations tab on the Transfer Common Application. To request the recommendation

  • From the Recommendations tab, select "Add Recommendation."
  • Select "Academic" for Recommendation Type. Your recommender will then get an email with instructions on how to submit their letter of recommendation for you to GW.
  • Complete the Recommender's Information, Waiver, and Permission questions.
  • Click "Save This Recommendation Request."
Submit a College Report

You must submit the College Report (formerly called the Registrar’s Report or College Official’s Report) form from your current or most recent college where you were enrolled full time. This form should be completed by the registrar or appropriate dean or college official who can verify your enrollment and academic/disciplinary standing.

To access the College Report form, navigate to the George Washington University program page on your Transfer Common App then follow these steps:

  • Go to the "Questions" tab
  • Click the "College Report" link in the fourth question
  • Print the "College Report" form
  • Take the form to the Registrar, Dean of Students, Academic Advisor, or designated office at your campus to have the form completed
  • GW must receive the form for your current or most recent school/institution where you were enrolled full time
Submit a Portfolio (Corcoran Only)

Portfolio reviews are required for our BFA programs, with the exception of the BFA in Interior Architecture. Your portfolio should tell your story in a way that makes sense to you. We have no restrictions or requirements on what should be in your portfolio other than what you believe to be your strongest work. It is important to make sure that this is the best representation of you as an artist, and of your work up to the point of your application. Here are a few portfolio guidelines:

  • All students are required to submit 12-20 completed works of art
  • The included work should be your best and most recent work
  • If possible, the work should be related to your area of interest


It is very important that the majors match in both the CommonApp and SlideRoom. Please take care when selecting the program (ex. BA in Fine Arts vs BFA in Fine Arts), and make sure you've selected the same major in both locations.

Check Your Application Status

After submitting your application, please allow 7-10 business days for GW to receive it. Upon receipt, we’ll send you an acknowledgment email with instructions about how to log in to your GW Admissions Portal where you can track application materials and view your admission decision.

Please allow several weeks from the date you submit your application to process your documents and post them in your GW Portal. During the busy application period, your GW Portal is your best resource, as we are continually updating students' applications and documents.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us.


International Transfer Applicants 

If you are an international student looking to transfer to GW, you must follow all of the application steps for transfer students as well as some additional ones.

International Applicant Requirements