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Transfer Application Process

The George Washington University (GW) considers anyone who has graduated from high school and completed at least one college course since high school graduation to be a transfer student. Each year we welcome nearly 350 new transfer students from more than 300 different colleges and universities. We seek transfer students who have succeeded academically at another college or university and have the motivation to thrive at GW.

Our review of your application package includes an evaluation of your academic background at each institution of higher education previously attended. We also take into consideration your high school record and standardized test scores (if applicable), essays, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities and interest in the university.

All prospective transfer students will apply to GW by submitting the Common Application. Please note that while you can submit certain materials, including your transcript, recommendations and essay through the Common Application, GW will also accept documents that are sent via mail and email.


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Required Materials for Transfer Students


Transcript with A+High School/Secondary School Transcript

Your transcript should be sent from each high school you attended. This requirement is waived for students who have earned 30 or more college credits.


transcript with A+College Transcript

You must submit an official transcript from each college or university you previously attended.

These credentials are required (whether or not credit was earned or is desired) and should be sent directly from the registrar's office to GW's Office of Admissions.

Icon of recommendationFaculty Recommendations

You need to submit one recommendation from a faculty member through the Academic Report form on the Common Application. To request the recommendation:

  1. Go to your Common Application Dashboard
  2. Click the "Recommenders and FERPA" link
  3. Select "Invite Academic Evaluator"
  4. Follow the Release Authorization directions
  5. Enter the information for the person completing the form on your behalf

Icon of a report with list and check markCollege Report

You must submit the College Report (formerly called the Registrar’s Report or College Official’s Report) form from your current or most recent college where you were enrolled full time. This form should be completed by the registrar or appropriate dean or college official who can verify your enrollment and academic/disciplinary standing. To access the College Report form:

  1. Go to your Common Application Dashboard
  2. Click the "Recommenders and FERPA" link
  3. Print the "College Report" form
  4. Take the form to the Registrar, Dean of Students, Academic Advisor or designated office at your campus to have the form completed
  5. You must complete the form for your current or most recent school/institution where you were enrolled full time.

Optional Material for Transfer Students

test score buttons

Optional Test Scores

Applicants are not required to submit standardized test scores, except in select circumstances.

Review the policy and see if you're required to submit test scores.

Choose a Primary and Alternate School

You may be committed to one specific field of study during your time at GW, but you may also choose GW because of the breadth of our curricular offerings.

For this reason, we offer you the option to select both a primary and an alternate school choice on your application.

You are required to select a primary school to apply to, but you are not required to choose an alternate school or college. If you wish to choose an alternate, include your choice on the Common Application.

Still have questions about your choice? Review more details about primary and alternate school choice.

Submit Your Application

When you've completed your application and submitted all of your required materials, you should submit it through the Common Application.

You will receive a confirmation from the Common Application that your application was submitted.

Once your application has been received by GW, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to our applicant portal, where you can track the status of your application.