Admissions Staff

The college search process is an exciting and often stressful time. In order to ensure the best experience possible, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions is committed to providing the highest level of service to students and their families as well as to our college counseling colleagues. Our work is guided by the ethical standards of our professional organization, the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) as presented in the Statement of Principles and Good Practice

We are committed to recruiting and enrolling students who are academically strong, talented, diverse, and passionate about putting knowledge in action. We conduct holistic reviews of applications because no single metric can provide a full picture of the individual achievements, academic preparedness, personal qualities, and unique experiences of a student. We are also deeply committed to access and provide opportunities to underserved students, their families, and the schools and organizations that support them.

Admissions representatives are assigned to locations domestically and internationally. Please contact us to help you navigate the application process and to answer questions you have.

We cover the United States by regions. Locate your region on the map below, then contact one of the representatives listed with any questions.

2019 Territory Map



Washington, D.C.: Chris Butler - [email protected] - 202-994-9091

Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia: Rebecca Durango - [email protected] - 202-994-1225


Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin: Connor Luong - [email protected] - 202-994-3840

Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania: Lisa Anthony - [email protected] -202-994-3146

Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh): Luke Britt - [email protected] - 202-994-7140



Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island: Lindsay Skeens - [email protected] - 202-994-1529

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont: Luke Britt - [email protected] - 202-994-7140


New York/New Jersey

New York City (All boroughs): Slavko Bradic - [email protected] - 202-994-1905

Long Island, Staten Island, Upstate New York: Don Phillips[email protected] - 202-994-3020

New Jersey: Dan Zawacki - [email protected] - 202-994-3082



Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina (Western), South Carolina (Upstate), Tennessee (Eastern): Carol Lee Conchar - [email protected] - 202-306-0997

Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina (Central and Eastern), South Carolina (Down State), Tennessee (Western): Joshua Lowe - [email protected] - 202-994-6051

Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas: Kaitlin Crepps - [email protected] - 202-994-4766


Alaska, Northern California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming: Andrea Frangi - [email protected] - 202-424-0308

Arizona, Southern California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah: Lee Stork - [email protected] - 202-306-2436

Colorado: Kaitlin Crepps - [email protected] - 202-994-4766


Puerto Rico

Carol Lee Conchar - [email protected] - 202-306-0997


Virgin Islands

Slavko Bradic - [email protected] - 202-994-1905



Luke Britt - [email protected] - 202-994-7140


Asia (East, Southeast, and Central)

Slavko Bradic - [email protected] - 202-994-1905


Asia (South)

Lindsay Skeens - [email protected] - 202-994-1529



Ben Toll - [email protected] - 202-994-9093
British Columbia - Andrea Frangi - [email protected] - 202-424-0308


Central America

Lisa Anthony - [email protected] - 202-994-3146



Slavko Bradic - [email protected] - 202-994-1905


Middle East

Luke Britt - [email protected] - 202-994-7140



Slavko Bradic - [email protected] - 202-994-1905


South America

Lisa Anthony - [email protected] - 202-994-3146

Admissions contacts listed alphabetically by first name.

Andrea Frangi
Regional Director

[email protected] - 202-424-0308

Ben Toll
Dean of Admissions

[email protected] - 202-994-9093

Carol Lee Conchar
Associate Director

[email protected] - 202-306-0997

Chris Butler
Special Assistant

[email protected] - 202-994-9091

Connor Luong
Assistant Director

[email protected] - 202-994-3840

Dan Zawacki
Assistant Director

[email protected] - 202-994-3082

Deborah Snelgrove
Director of Visits & Events

[email protected] - 202-994-6040

Don Phillips
Assistant Director

[email protected] - 202-994-3020

Eileen Thomas
Customer Service Supervisor

[email protected]

Eva Lucas

[email protected]

Joshua Lowe
Assistant Director

[email protected] - 202-994-6051

Kaitlin Crepps
Assistant Director

[email protected] - 202-994-4766

Lindsay Skeens
Senior Assistant Director

[email protected] - 202-994-1529

Lisa Anthony
Assistant Director

[email protected] - 202-994-3146

Lee Stork
Regional Director

[email protected] - 202-306-2436

Luke Britt
Assistant Director

[email protected] - 202-994-7140

Mark DeLong
Director of Communications & Marketing

[email protected]

Rebecca Durango
Admissions Associate

[email protected] - 202-994-1225

Slavko Bradic
Associate Director

[email protected] - 202-994-1905

Tyson Brown
Associate Dean

[email protected]